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IMPORTANT:  Martin Kaltenbrunner contributed to release an updated version, now available on


What is TouchInjector?

TouchInjector is a Windows 8 desktop application that generates Windows Touch events from TUIO messages. You may speak of it as a 'touch driver', though it is technically not a driver.

Why use TouchInjector?

UPDATE: TouchProxy may be I good alternative - I haven't used it so far, but it looks quite good!

It is lightweight, easy to use and does not require installation or additional software. The setup is foolproof and with one click you can configure it to autostart with your system (logon).


And a video that Nuiaimini took of his touch table running with TouchInjector:


Version 1.1

  • bugfix of autostart-deactivation

Sources of Version 1.1

EDIT: Found a reference page about UIAccess on MSDN: - I think I tried to implement it like they described, but.. well.. didn't work..

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